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Why Outdoor Ads?

\Outdoor billboard advertisement in Malaysia is the source of successful business for many businesses and corporations in Malaysia as they bring great return to your businesses. Outdoor advertising is undoubtedly the best communication medium in conveying certain information to massive crowds and it is one of the keys of great media mix. One of the benefits is outdoor billboard in Malaysia is commonly constructed in large sizes where passer byes or even drivers on the road can see the advertisement clearly from afar. Apart from that, the traditional billboard formats such as free-standing billboard or unipole billboard don’t come with distracting advertisement, articles or programs that often occur in other marketing media. Hence, the audience would be looking directly to the message the advertisement is trying to convey.

Furthermore, with today’s rapid advancement of media technology in Malaysia, many advertising companies have opted with street advertising or more commonly known as digital out-of-home advertising that maximises ‘recency effects’. ‘Recency’ in advertising world means the closer an advertisement hits the audiences right before the time of decision. In order word, potential buyers will immediately purchase the product and service they are deciding to buy right after watching or seeing the advertisement. Hence, digital OOH advertising mediais gaining popularity among advertisers as the advertising panels can be strategically placed in busy foot traffic spots or beside heavy traffic roads that will enhance the marketability of the products, services or corporate brandings.